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Kviečia Baltijos vasaros universitetas Kaune /Baltijas vasaras universitāte Kauņā aicina

Sukurta 2018.05.17 / Atnaujinta 2018.05.17 11:20

Baltic Summer University (BSU) offers a unique possibility to enjoy your summer at Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas, Lithuania). The BSU programmes will be delivered by experts in their specific fields, supplemented by a variety of cultural and social events for students to make their acquaintance with Lithuania memorable.

In 2018, the list of courses includes the most successful ones from the last year and some great new additions, unified by a unique approach to studies, guidance by inspiring teachers, and tasks to be carried out in creative settings.





Creative Media Lab

2 weeks (3 ETCS)

July 29 – August 11

Personal Branding: forming & managing your image

2 weeks (3 ECTS)

July 29 – August 11

Zoom in the Baltics

2 weeks (3 ECTS)

July 29 – August 11

Social Media Marketing

2 weeks (3 ECTS)

July 29 – August 11



Methods in Molecular Genetics

1 week (2 ECTS)

August 5–11

Wetland Biodiversity Assessment

1 week (2 ECTS)

August 5–11




Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Course



4 weeks (6 ECTS)

July 13 – August 11

English A1.1/ A1.2/A2.1

2 weeks (3 ECTS)

July 29 – August 11

German A1.1/ A1.2/A2.1

2 weeks (3 ECTS)

July 29 – August 11




Classical Singing, Jazz Singing, Accordion, Piano, Strings

1.5 week (2 ETCS)

August 1 – 11


  • Lithuania

Bordered by the Baltic Sea on the west and lush forests filled with crystal clear lakes on the east, it is a small country with its charming Baroque capital Vilnius, impressively unique city of Kaunas, surprisingly fast Internet, exceptionally loyal basketball fans, perfect nature to escape the city life, and people who may not seem to smile much, but will always do so if greeted in Lithuanian (‘Labas!’).

2018 is the year of the Centennial of independent Lithuania, so students will be joining us in a year-long celebration of Lithuanian culture, history and heritage.

  • The city of Kaunas

A marvellous city at the confluence of two rivers, situated at the very heart of Lithuania, full of museums and stunning modernist architecture, and much more. Be the first to discover it before everyone else, as it is going to be the European Capital of Culture 2022!

Email: [email protected]

Website and registration: bsu.vdu.lt

Facebook: Baltic Summer University for finding out more reasons to visit Lithuania

Instagram: balticsummeruni


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