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Document legalization

Created: 2019.10.23 / Updated: 2020.08.25 15:49

Legalization of document or approval certificate (Apostille) is needed for official documents issued in one country to be valid in another country.

Legalization of document - is a verification of signature, signed person’s held position and stamp in the document.

  • Legalization of document is done by Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic embassies or consular posts.

Document approval certificate (Apostille) - is a verification of signature, signed person’s held position and stamp in the document provided by The Hague Convention regarding documents issued in foreign countries abolishment of legalization in 5th of October, 1961 (Žin., 1997, No. 68-1699).

  • Document’s approval certificate (Apostille) is done by Republic of Lithuania notaries.

Note. Persons who are in foreign countries can submit application for document’s approval certificate (Apostille) in the Republic of Lithuania diplomatic embassies or consular posts. It applies for documents issued by institutions of Republic of Lithuania.

These official documents can be legalized or approved by certificate (Apostille):

  • Issued by government or municipal institutions or officials, also by a prosecutor, court official or person performing court decisions;
  • Administrative documents;
  • Notarial acts;
  • Official confirmations of documents signed by a natural person;
  • Notarial transcripts of official documents.

Documents have to be orderly and readable. If document consists of few pages, they have to be sewn.

Every document is approved separately (for example: diploma and its appendix are two separate documents).


Documents issued before 11th of March of 1990 with symbols of Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic are neither legalized nor approved by certificate (Apostille). These documents must be renewed.

As of 12 August 2020 the documents for consular legalization or approval by ''Apostille'' could be submitted to the Embassy by courier or post. The package must include:

  • The document given for legalization or  approval by ''Apostille'';
  • A true copy of the ID document signed and dated by a professional person, like a solicitor, belonging to a person who is submitting a document for legalization;
  • Cover letter specifying the aim and state, where the document is intended to be used, and contact information of the person.

The person, who is submitting the document, has to cover cost of courier or post and present the confirmation of payed consular fee for legalization equal to 20 Eur to the Embassy. The Embassy is not approving documents by “Apostille”. In such case the documents would be forwarded to the Consular Department of the MFA.

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