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Declaration of the place of residence

Created: 2019.10.23

Each person who becomes a permanent resident in Lithuania (that means who lives in Lithuania), when changing his/her place of residence must declare it, i.e., he/she has to inform the local authorities about where he/she lives and how his/her place of residence has changed. This is related to the provision of social services and any other assistance in both services and social benefits (state social benefits are usually paid to the individuals who have declared their place of residence in its territory). A person acquires some rights only after he/she has proved that he/she resides in a certain location (e.g., voting in the local self-government, in certain cases – going to school, a kindergarten). The duty for each individual residing in the European Union to declare his/her place of residence has been established by the Lithuanian and European legal acts.

When leaving Lithuania for a longer than 6-month period it is necessary to declare the departure in the same way. The individuals who are leaving Lithuania for longer than a 6-month period and who failed to submit a declaration before leaving, can declare it at diplomatic missions or consular posts of the Republic of Lithuania or on the Internet through e-government portal. They can identify themselves through the Internet banking systems or certify the declaration by a qualified certificate of the electronic signature. If you have a rent or lending agreement in which the owner of the dwelling has already indicated that you have the right to live in his/her dwelling for some time, you have to submit a certain rent or lending agreement to the declaration office (a ward or self-government). No written permit of the owner is needed.

Also, before leaving Lithuania both citizens of Lithuania and the EU citizens, and foreigners, if they were regarded as permanent residents in Lithuania for the purpose of paying taxes (residents), must submit the income tax declaration of an individual departing from Lithuania for good to the State Tax Inspectorate. This declaration can be submitted electronically through electronic declaration system or having filled in the form and submitted it to the division of the State Tax Inspectorate.

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